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Commissions opened. Help needed.

Unfortunately it’s time for me to put my good dog, Precious, to sleep. She means the entire world to me along with my other dog Coco, but her time to go is here because she’s old and in pain. She’s about 10 years old and can barely walk, let alone stand, but to put her to sleep costs 110$ and to get her cremated is about another 130$. I don’t have a job and I’m starting my college classes in another 3 weeks. I’ll need about 300$ at least just to cover her fees for sure and I need the money by the 16th, which is just about the only day I’ll be able to go through with this.
Any money I make that goes over 300$ will be going towards my other dog, Coco for any of her separation anxiety needs and a desperate need for a check up as she seems to have a bump growing on the side of her that seems to be growing and might be a tumor. I spent all my money earlier this year on Precious for medication to make her feel better hoping I’d get a job somewhere to support her which didn’t happen…
This is my first time doing commissions so I apologize if anything goes wrong. I give you my word I’ll fix anything I do wrong as fast as I can.
I’ll be using Paypal.

In order from the pictures above:
Sketches: $5
Clean Drawings: $15
Sketch fixed: $10

I’ll draw just about everything except:

  1. Porn
  2. Gore

For any commission info please send me an ask here on tumblr or for something me reliable email me at Kitatha@hotmail.com. That is also the email connected to my paypal.
For some more of my art my art tag is here.

NotKarkitty is offering to do full color bust or waist up for any $5 donations.
$10 or more are given they will be doing full body drawings.
More info. Their art.

Jelly/Cogipuffs is offering to do Chibis with color or a sketch with $5 donations. Small yarn tail Keychains, Fingerless arm warmers, and scarves for $10 donations as well although the donator would have to pay for shipping of those items.
Contact Jelly and I for more details.
More info. Their art.
 Small Yarn Tail KeychainsArm WarmersScraves!

Spade-the-bat is offering to do sketches for $1 - $5 donations.
Line are for $6 - $10 donations
and Full Colored Pictures for $11 - $15 donations.
More infoTheir art.

Please email me at Kitatha@hotmail.com or message me here on tumblr for any questions or details. Donation button has been added to my tumblr profile.

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